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Happy customers.

Owner and trainer Jeanique offers the most classic form of Pilates. Jeanique’s attention to her students is incredible. Not only can she spot your weakest areas, but she will also help you adjust your body so that you get the maximum results.

The movements are slow and controlled but don’t mistake that for them being ineffective. At the end of the class your body will feel great, full of energy and fully strecthed.

~ Alexandria


Body Conditioning!


” I have done lot of different workouts for my abs and core and this is the first time at the age of 41 I have seen great result ” ~ Eliana Rodriguez, Sky diver


I would highly recommend training with Jeanique not only will you get great results you will get a very high level instructor, she is an amazing teacher. She has a lot of experience with training people and a lot of knowledge of the body and pilates. I love that she’s passionate about her work. She’s a very caring and compassionate human being. The best thing is that she is completely present when you’re working with her, that quality has really stood out for me. She’s 100% there with you as partner in helping you improve your body. This makes the sessions very enjoyable and effective. This makes it easy to renew my commitment to continue with her for another year. I want to take my body to the next level!

In Jan 2015, I decided that I was going to start taking pilates classes to improve my fitness and strengthen my core.  I had been skydiving for 20 years and a professional skydiver for over 14 years.  Over time I developed some imbalances in my body that I wanted to improve.  A friend of mine recommended Jeanique, she had been working with her for two years and had some amazing results.

I made a commitment with myself and said that I would aim to do two classes per week for one entire year.  It’s now been a year and I’ve been very happy with the results.  My core feels so much stronger and as a bonus I love the way my abs look and feel.  I can feel so many muscles that I never felt before.  In the past I had done a lot of different workouts for my abs and core and this is the first time at age 41 that I have really seen great results.


Pilates for Couples – I went for a trial to a Pilates class with my wife, and from the first class I felt the need to invest more time in it. I never thought that Pilates can become a lifestyle and family bonding moment. As a couple we enjoy it a lot. It feels like going for a date every Saturday morning with your partner, away from children and work routine.

Pilates & Basketball – Playing basketball since young age, I picked up couple of injuries in the back, knee and shoulder. I felt at some point that the after match pain is normal and I have to accept it as part of growing older approaching 40. I have been training with Jeanique for few months now and I feel like I am back in the game. The after match pain is gone due to the stretching techniques I have learnt in Pilates.

Pilates & Cycling – Pilates strengthened my core to a level that I moved on the “Flywheel” score board from the bottom of the list to a top performer (Flywheel is an indoor cycling training).

Pilates at Work – I became more efficient at work as it increases the focus level. I remember to breathe during tough times. Pilates is an amazing breathing exercise.

Pilates & Food – Pilates will unconsciously teach you to respect your body and make better choices while ordering food or cooking at home. I have lost 15kgs in 3 years (before starting the Pilates classes) and I have reached the plateau where my body is reluctant to lose more weight. I am very confident that Pilates will be the right vehicle to achieve my goal.
“Pilates brings joy to my life every weekend”
Thank you Jeanique!

Karim and Hanna

I have known Jeanique Lascar for 10 years and followed her in every step she took to develop her potential and talent at fitness training. Jeanique has an incredible awareness and knowledge of the human body and this has proved highly useful to me as an athlete. Not only, I have improved my overall fitness but also my understanding of the sports (mainly triathlon and long distance running) I have been practicing for years. I was originally complementing my training with weight training which I completely gave up to the benefit of pilates to which Jeanique introduced me too about 4 years ago. As any athlete, I was then regularly subjected to injuries. Pilates has allowed me to manage and cope with injuries, heal them and understand how to avoid for injuries to repeat. Pilates is an incredible complement to daily life and sports activities. I am privileged to have worked with Jeanique with her high technical knowledge of the discipline and the human body. She also taught me how to master and channel my mental energy in competitions and performance. I cannot only recommend to run to her for coaching.

Aline Vacheron ~  Marathon Runner, Classical Pilates Teacher

( 1970 – 2018 )

Jeanique is a wonderful instructor! You will discover things you can do with your body that you never thought possible! This studio offers a very personal and professional service. Highly recommended!

~ Elaine Looney

..very nice, friendly atmosphere. Feel like I am joining a big family.


Student of the year 2014 Inna Iyakisheva

Lightning Engineer

How long have you been in Dubai? : It’s my 5th year

–Have you always been active?: Yes and No. When I was young my parents put me and my twin sister to modern dance school, so that we can learn how to carry ourselves as a woman. It wasn’t really about health for them, but of course the health benefit came with it and whatever I did back then stayed as a muscle memory as they say. Then after school and university I went through 9 years without exercising and I gain some weight. So for me getting into yoga was to become fit again, especially that I was feeling the strain on my knees.

– Why Yoga and Pilates?: I have heard of yoga and all its benefits so it was an easy choice for me. Initially, I tried a few classes of yoga and Pilates back home, as well as in Dubai, and I was quite disappointed. For being a pragmatic and high standard person, I found that some teachers were quite preachy of how we should act and behave. Some of them were quite imposing and exuded arrogance. So I kept looking for a place with teachers that I could feel comfortable with. Having a background in dance I kind of new a little what Pilates was about.

– Why did you pick Jeanique yoga and Pilates?: My friend Sasha told me about the studio, and I thought that I should give it a try. I have been going there for more than a year now. It is now part of my routine as I have been going there 2 to 3 times a week. I am so happy to be part of something beautiful. All the teachers are experienced, kind and professional. The classes are amazing. Each class made me feel alive again. I feel my muscles working( which I had no knowledge of before), and I feel stronger. In the class I never have the time to get bored or think. I trust all the teaches and believe that they all have something to share!

– What’s your favorite – Yoga or Pilates?: I am lucky to be able to appreciate both disciplines. Pilates reminds me of ballet, stretching but major strengthening of the muscles, especially the core, and the way you link movement thought your core. It is gentle on the joints. Basically, Pilates is Ballet but on the floor minus the seriousness! When I joined yoga it was for fitness, but I have discovered that in Yoga you go through spirituality through your body. Yoga for me is about being with yourself, spending quality time with yourself and just be. BE PRESENT. It’s about the whole person!

What other benefits did you observe?: As a lightning engineer, I use my mind a lot. Everyday I need to be able to concentrate, focus, being precise and accurate, so sometimes it can be straining on my energy. So for me doing Yoga and Pilates it is about being able to switch off, disconnect from work and connect with myself and renew my energy on every level, and also having a social life outside of work. I pick Yoga and Pilates because it works the whole body and the mind.

– What words do you live by ?: As a seeker of life’s big questions, I think that being fit is also a definition of being spiritual. Taking care of yourself, is about loving yourself. No one will love you the way you love yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself. That’s my spiritual path. If I am happy with myself, I am happy in the world. Thank you Jeanique Yoga and Pilates for making me feel alive and being part of something so beautiful.

~ Stay with LOVE, love yourself & others, try to learn new thing, stay curious, stay alive.

~Inna Lyakisheva – Student of the year 2015

Facebook Reviews

“Most inspiring teacher who is passionate for her art, it’s hard not to be motivated to build a stronger body. I’ve learnt a lot and I know I have a long way to go… Thanks for sharing your knowledge. “

Nicola Ramruthan

” I’m so glad I attended Pilates & Yoga classes. Really impressed!!!”

Jadi Burrell 

I find Jeanique to be fantabulous and gifted to work with. Despite my size – UK 22 she’s managed to work with me, strengthen me over all and rehabilitate my torn meniscus. Someone who doesn’t like to exercise, Pilates is going to be something I am not going to give up. And all thanks to my super teacher.

Swati Pan

Most improved student 2015

Husband & Wife, Binita & Sagar Shah

I started yoga with my husband for the first time about 18 months ago, and can truly see the benefits of our practice. As a busy dentist, I personally always suffer from a bad back and aches and pains in my neck too. Regular yoga once a week has helped me to stretch these areas out and I have gained muscle too. I am slowly building up strength to be able to do more of the complex moves and have noticed that my flexibility has improved greatly. I really appreciate Dana and Jeanique’s easygoing and fun teaching methods and look forward to it every week. p>

Binita Shah – Most Improved 2015 

Yoga has really helped my strength and breathing techniques. I have noticed that I can swim under water for a longer time than before. I enjoy the classes and it’s a fun break from my busy work life. Both teachers are great and I like that they cater for beginners and help you push yourself to try new things. I am now able to do more complicated inversions and hope to get more flexible and strong.


Sagar Shah – Most Improved 2015

Sports Conditioning

“Aline used her extensive knowledge and experience in triathlon and running to identify my weaknesses and to create a bespoke Pilates program for me to help with my own triathlon training and injury prevention.”


south africa/dubai

I have been a student of Alines for the past 6 months and it has been an incredible journey. I have found a connection in my body which I never knew existed. The stretching , the core breathing, the difficult positions, the thought process have all helped in both mind and body. My ongoing running injury is slowly getting there..I love to come to the class and am developing all the time. So much more to learn and do!!!!!”



” During my pregnancy, I kept training with Jeanique, she recommended me to switch to Pilates  and helped me sort some pregnancy ailments such as back pain in no time” ~ Mirka Strano         www.thriveme.com

Jeanique has been my teacher and mentor for 2 years and she has held my hand through a body and spiritual transformation I would have never imagined could happen to me.

Thanks to Jeanique, my body went from being a stiff stick with too much tension in each single muscle to a much more balanced system where flexibility and strength work together in an harmonic manner.. I almost look like a Yogi now! Thanks to Jeanique and her hands on approach to the yoga practice, I was able to get strong enough for my first headstand and tripod headstand! I am sure I would have done it to a nice solid handstand pretty soon if I hadn’t fallen pregnant in the meantime (with some needed changes to my sense of balance)!!

During my pregnancy I kept training with Jeanique. She recommended me to switch to Pilates and helped me sort some pregnancy ailments such as back pain in no time. The training program she thought for me in this delicate time of my life was exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) what my body needed. We worked on strengthening my back line to ensure my body had the right support for a growing belly. We focused a lot on my feet and how to build the right support for my changing body starting from the root.

All the work I did with Jeanique on my physical body has had a fantastic impact on other more spiritual bodies too! I became a yoga teacher and definitely a bit of that tension I originally had all over my body and mind was released making me a better person inside as well! Jeanique is an amazing teacher. She studies you until she knows exactly how your body moves and knows exactly what is better for you (even better than yourself!! It’s incredible!!). Additionally to this she respects your state of mind completely and yet provides the right exact amount of encouragement when needed. Jeanique is exceptional! With Love.

Marianella Paul De Alvarez

I have been working out with Jeanique on a weekly basis for almost eight years. I admire her commitment and dedication to address the needs of her clients by adjusting her approach to each of her client´s goals, fitness level and well-being. Jeanique is always looking for ways of consolidating her expertise by training and consulting with other experts in her field. We have successfully addressed several back  crisis, and most recently a severe hamstring injury. I am looking forward to joining her gym. I have no doubt that under her supervision I will continue to receive the best personal training.

Pre and Post surgeries conditioning!


I am a 67-year-old recently retired professor, and, have just recovered from two total knee replacement surgeries. The intensity of pain and the feeling of total helplessness where I needed constant assistance to allow me to attest to the fact that these are ‘major’ surgeries. However, both my surgeon and physiotherapist were amazed at the speed of my recovery as I quickly graduated from walker to cane and then discarded this to walk independently, albeit slowly and carefully. They asked me if I had been exercising regularly to which I replied: I have been going for Pilate’s classes three times a week for several years! True, I walk and swim when I can, but Pilates has been my constant fitness provider. I attribute my remarkable recovery and the overall general feeling of wellbeing to Pilates! I wish more people would try Pilates to experience strength, fitness and feeling good about oneself.


Sports Rehabilitation

Having been keen on sports all my live, I resumed long distance running at age 37. With the midlife-crises looming, over the next three years, I participated in 10 marathons, including ultra-marathons like the 89km Comrades Race through the hills of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. At the end of the third running season, I suffered from a third degree Achilles tendonitis. Injections and shockwave therapy did only marginally support the slow and frustrating healing process.

For the following year, I would spend most of my time on the bike, trying to retain as much of the fitness that I used to gain from running. More talented as a cyclist than as a runner, and with a bit of swimming added, duathlons and triathlons – including Ironman distances – were next on the list. Semi-recovered from the Achilles injury, hamstring injuries soon spoiled my hope and ambition for greater performance yet again.

Desperate and discouraged, I followed my wife’s advice to book a Pilates session at Jeanique’s studio. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication and absolute client-focus inspired me straightway.

Following up with my physiotherapist she quickly understood my injuries, their origin and interrelation, and how to approach them mindfully and effectively – step-by-step. Since then, Jeanique’ s Pilates sessions became a constituent part of my weekly exercise regime and got me back to podium positions 

~ Captain Savio Schmitz, Senior Standards Training Captain at Emirates Airline

Couple of the Year 2016

Working together as a team!

-Stefan; My partner and myself moved to Dubai 3 years ago. Coming from Melbourne she is a devotee of pilates. And me working in the corporate environment, sitting on a chair most of the day is part of my job. So we were looking for a pilates studio offering classical teachings including the right equipment and were referred to Jeanique.

After our first session I ask my partner “how long are we planning to continue this?” Her answer, “until the day we die”. Now 3 years later we are still on our journey and can’t imagine a week without Jeanique. Discovering our core in line with the correct breathing helps us to lengthen every part of our body and each session gives us a great start into the week!

Ezra ; In order to fully grasp the techniques of Pilates, I needed an experienced instructor in the fundamentals of classical teachings and visual display of movements. By introduction, Jeanique entered my life.


Over the past four years, the definitions of my physique has had greatly enhanced largely due to the heart and soul I invested in Pilates. A testament to Jeanique teachings and industry standard equipment is quality over quantity. 


Students of the year 2017

Mina Ulvanevich

Prior to Jeanique Yoga and Pilates, I had only done random mat classes in a group gym session before I joined Jeanique and started my practice.
There are a day and night difference between the two. The mat classes I attended before was all about toning. It was seen as just an exercise class. With Jeanique Pilates became a way to achieve self-awareness of the body and mind and the connect between the two. My initial goal going in was to tone, however after a month or two of steady practice my goals completely changed. They shifted to finding connection within my body, and then go deeper and understand that connection better.
I had no idea when I first joined it was a classical Pilates studio. However, I thank my stars that it was. If I stated with a modern Pilates class that is what it would have been for me… a class. With classical Pilates, it becomes a practice that is used every day. The methods, connections, and awareness that classical Pilates teachers don’t stop once the class is done. You don’t need a reformer to practice them. I use the connects I’ve made and the awareness I’ve learned throughout every day and when I do other forms of exercise. One of the greatest things about Pilates for me is that it’s not something you can perfect – there is always room for growth and progression. Thus I never reach my “goal” because I know I can always work on deepening a connection or bringing more awareness into the pose.
You always have to learn the basics first. To truly practice Pilates you need first need self-awareness of how your body moves. Classical Pilates teaches you this first crucial building block. Once you start to have awareness you can start making connections, then you start to deepen those connections and the progression is endless.

Giana Cochrane

Prior to Jeanique Yoga and Pilates did you take any form of Pilates?


Yes, I did occasionally, but it had nothing to do with what I discovered at Jeanique ‘s studio.


Would you say there was a difference between the 2? Yes please describe.


Definitely, the use of the equipment for starts. With Jeanique, the focus from the beginning has always been about breathing and flow and connections which hadn’t paid attention previously.


What were your goals when you started to take Pilates? And did you achieve these goals?


I joined jeanique classes to stay away from injury as a runner, it’s safe to say that not only Pilates helped me achieved that goal but continually helps me improve my performance, as I am now aware of my body movement.


Did you know that the studio practice Classical Pilates/


Yes, which is why I am sticking with it.


What can you say to people that want to begin a Pilates practice that would help them choose the right method?


I always recommend classical pilates as I personally find it more in tune with what my body (and soul) needs. I feel it’s the closest to what Pilates stands for.


illustrator graphic designer, season runner

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