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Classical Pilates means we follow the traditional way in which Joseph Pilates created his exercise method. Pilates is a exercises method created in the 1960 by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, as a graduate from The Pilates Center comprehensive program, my mission is to educate you how to connect and exercise in a mindful way that will support your body while building strength, tone and engage your mind in the right way! * All new students are requires to first start with INTRO classes. (one on one or group).

“Pilates classes have helped me to get fit and always give me a positive feeling” ~ Snezahana

A tour into Pilates- equipments

Tower aka Pole

Tower Wall Unit exercises are inspired by the classic Cadillac repertoire of Joe’s Pilates method that will further challenge your endurance, stability, and mobility. The support system of the Tower utilizes a Push-Through Bar (sprung from below or above),roll-down bar, leg springs and arm springs allowing you to utilize and balance all your deeper muscles and work on underused muscles when practicing yoga or any other exercise discipline. Tower can also be done in conjuction with mat, so that the body gets a better understanding of which muscles should be switch on.


The chair allows for adjustment of resistance levels through springs. It helps promote back health by teaching awareness of spine alignment and strengthening the muscles that support the spine. It is often used to help relieve back pain and improve balance. It also increases; strength, flexibility, range of motion and stability. Combines with the Mat, you get to really understand the effect that Pilates was meant to have on the whole system


Reformer Pilates: Class is done on a sliding bed with springs attachment hence Reformer. The sliding bed move is unstable which add challenge in keeping the cor active. (Student must first attend classical introductory class)



Mat Pilates follows the classical repertoire. Classes are done by synchronizing the breath along with the movement transition from flexion to extension, twisting and bending

Teacher’s Class

This class is for student, teachers, apprentice who want to deepen more their practice. * Level 3 above

*Class is rotated weekly between Tower, Mat, Reformer, Chair


A core discovery

A yoga base class with movement, stretching, and long relaxation in a meditative state. Open to all level without injuries  

Classes de Pilates en francais

Classes de Pilates en francais

Ces classes sont enseignes en francais par Jeanique ou Aline.


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