Jeanique Lascar Kalodjera. Teacher, entrepreneur, dancer

” nothing will work unless you do”

~ Maya Angelou 

It is my mission to encourage, motivate and inspire you to take charge of your health holistically.

Hi, I’m glad you stop by, I have discovered years ago that teaching is where I feel the most comfortable with myself. I was born and raised in Mauritius until I moved to Dubai in 2002 with my (family) dance troupe. My curiosity for movement began in 2003 when I became a personal trainer and I swear by movement. I believe if you take care of yourself, your body and mind will become your greatest friend in time of turmoil.  A dance injury forced me to go even deeper into myself to understand my body and why I got injured and that’s how I discovered classical pilates and yoga. I became fascinated by the deepest layer of the body, how the mind controls the body and how the eastern philosophy of the emotional body works in conjunction can make you become stronger from the inside out.  My teaching comes from the love of muscles (they actually listen to me when I teach), the combination of yoga philosophy, my strong connection with dance and my intuition. I believe that everyone who is willing can have the body that they want, heal themselves (mostly the mind) and have a great relationship with themselves. I use this quote ‘a healthy lifestyle means having an intelligent body and an enduring mind’, which defines what’s having a healthy lifestyle means and I live by this rule. Aside from teaching, I take ballet classes on a weekly basis and recently started point class- the toughest thing ever by the way if you start in the 30s. I love walking and I have my own personal practice of yoga and pilates that helps me stay injury free. I mostly hang out with my husband and my closest friends.

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