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Jeanique L.Kalodjera

” nothing will work unless you do”

~ Maya Angelou 

Founder,Pilates Teacher

Training Facilitator.

Yoga/Pilates Teacher. Intuitive teacher.

Meet Jeanique L.Kalodjera from the exotic island of beautiful Mauritius!

Nick named by her clients as the “miracle worker,” Jeanique’s passion led her to  open Jeanique Yoga and Pilates – a private boutique studio in JLT, with a strong teaching team of 3 ladies.

 As a professional dancer for many years, Jeanique has become fascinated by the body’s anatomy and physiology of movement that led her to discover a new passion for teaching exercise and fitness to others. Since retiring from dancing, Jeanique is now a Certified Host Advisor for The Pilates Teacher Training, yoga and pilates teacher delivering classes that balance overall body tone, strength and powerful flexibility, all in synch with a calm mind. Jeanique is HFPA qualified Fitness Professional and a graduate of Classical Pilates program from Boulder, Colorado as well as a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher for Neyyar Dam Kerala.

Jeanique is an amazing teacher. She studies you until she knows exactly how your body moves and knows exactly what is better for you (even better than yourself!! It’s incredible!!).

Additionally to this she respects your state of mind completely and yet provides the right exact amount of encouragement when needed.

Jeanique is exceptional!

With Love.

Mirka Strano

Yoga teacher/ Manager , Pacific Prime

ALine Vacheron

Join Aline in her discovery of the Pilates discipline.

A former corporate lawyer, she has become an endurance triathlete and marathon runner over the years and was very convinced by the benefits of Pilates in her multi sports activities and other daily life duties .

After 8 years of solid and consistent practice of Pilates, Aline has chosen to deepen and transmit her understanding and knowledge of the discipline by becoming a teacher .


“ movement is the SOURCE of life,

a tool of self discovery, self

understanding self healing, a tool

to grow better and happier “

Marathon & Iron man runner,

astrologist, modern thinker

I have been a student of Alines for the past 6 months and it has been an incredible journey. I have found a connection in my body which I never knew existed. The stretching , the core breathing, the difficult positions, the thought process have all helped in both mind and body. My ongoing running injury is slowly getting there..I love to come to the class and am developing all the time. So much more to learn and do!!!!!


Marathon runner


” if not now when? “

Therapeutic, Yin Yoga & Hatha Yoga Teacher

Pre&Post natal teacher (in training)

Dana’s Yoga journey started some 7 years ago by attending regular classes in Spain and then in Uk.

She quickly became hooked and when the time was right took the step to join Hatha yoga teachers training. Training was conducted by Master Santhosh Kumar who has worked with the great B.K.S.Iyengar and also has his own school “Yoga Darshanam” in Mysore, India.

Her experiences in different countries and doing Yoga has helped Dana grow as a person, be more adaptable and open minded. Dana feels that teaching Yoga is a privilege and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and endless benefits of yoga with people

”Dana is a great teacher and makes a lot of effort in making sure that I am comfortable in different postures. It has been a great experience to do yoga with Dana. I have knee issues and she gives me personal attention to make it pain free. She is patient and empathetic and understands the individual needs and works in that direction.”

Sherif Mattar

Sheriff Matar

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