Welcome to Jeanique Yoga and Pilates.

A boutique style studio

 – with maximum 8 people in yoga

– and 4 in Pilates

– for both french and english speakers


The Only Classical Pilates in JLT

achieve optimal posture

tone up

better breathing

Become a Pilates Teacher

Here is an idea of what we do!

Whole Body Health

Physical + Mental + Emotional

Small Pilates Group Class

only 4 per class 

Teacher Training

Become a teacher


Recover from injuries


Enhance performance, decrease injuries 

Symposium & Workshop

Teacher’s skill

A healthy lifestyle means having an intelligent body and an enduring mind


Pilates and Yoga Personal Training 

Our team is trained in Classical Pilates from the comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program in Boulder Colorado. 

In yoga practice we follow the Hatha Method

Yoga and Pilates Group Fitness  

All our classes have maximum 8 people in yoga and 4 in Pilates classes.

You will never feel left out.


All our classes have maximum 8 people in yoga and 4 in Pilates classes.

You will never feel left out.

Yoga and Pilates Group Fitness

Pilates Teacher Training

For 25 years The Taylor Sister’s have kept Joe’s legacy alive by strictly adhering to his methodical teaching.

" It's the mind itself that strenghten the body"

~ Joseph Hebertus Pilates

Happy customers.

Eliana Rodriguez

Sky Dive Dubai

“I made a commitment with myself and said that I would aim to do two classes per week for one entire year. It’s now been a year and I’ve been very happy with the results. My core feels so much stronger and as a bonus I love the way my abs look and feel. I can feel so many muscles that I never felt before. In the past I had done a lot of different workouts for my abs and core and this is the first time at age 41 that I have really seen great results.”

Moe Kassam


“As a senior business executive I had always assumed that keeping fit involved a workout with the treadmill, weights, push-ups etc. Therefore I resisted my wife’s pleas to join Pilates which she enjoyed. About a year ago when I was feeling particularly tired and stiff after a gruelling trip, I agreed to try out Pilates – and soon I was a convert! I now take Pilates classes 3 times a week (I continue my brisk walk every morning) and realize that Pilates is a full body workout that involves strength training and flexibility that leaves me with an overall feeling of well-being. I wish more people, especially men, would give Pilates a try!”

Inna Iyakisheva


“I am lucky to be able to appreciate both disciplines. Pilates reminds me of ballet, stretching but major strengthening of the muscles, especially the core, and the way you link movement thought your core. It is gentle on the joints. Basically, Pilates is Ballet but on the floor minus the seriousness! When I joined yoga it was for fitness, but I have discovered that in Yoga you go through spirituality through your body. Yoga for me is about being with yourself, spending quality time with yourself and just be. BE PRESENT. It’s about the whole person!”

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